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When your vehicle is having trouble starting during your Concord commutes, you’ll likely need a jump-start from a helpful bystander or a jump-start car service. With Grappone Honda, learn how to properly jump-start a car, so you’re ready to get back to your busy day. If you find that you need a battery replacement, our service department can help you find the right battery for your Honda. 

How to Properly Jump-Start a Car

Car troubles are never convenient, but when you’re ready to get back on the roads around Manchester after your vehicle won’t start, there are a couple of ways you can jump-start a car battery. You can call a jump-start car service like AAA or you and a helpful bystander can follow these steps below for how to jump-start a car. To jump a car, you’ll need a set of jumper cables and another vehicle. 

  1. Make sure the front of the vehicles are facing each other with the vehicles turned off. For your safety, it’s a good idea to engage the parking brakes. 
  2. Pop the hood of each vehicle and remove any coverings over the batteries to expose the battery terminals. 
  3. Identify the positive and negative terminals and take the time to remove any corrosion if it’s present.
  4. On the dead battery, securely attach the red clamp to the positive post. Connect the red clamp to the positive post on the dead battery.
  5. Extend the battery cable to attach the other red clamp onto the positive terminal of the battery with a charge. Be sure to keep the remaining clamps separated. 
  6. On the battery with a charge, connect the black clamp to the negative post. 
  7. Attach the remaining black clamp to an unpainted metal surface on your vehicle’s frame. 
  8. After the cables are securely attached, turn on the vehicle with the good battery, followed by the vehicle with the dead battery. 
  9. Now, you’ve learned how to jump-start a car! When removing the cable, it’s best to take them off in the reverse order that they were placed. From there, you’re able to shut off the other vehicle used to jump-start your car. 
  10. To ensure the vehicle continues to run, keep the engine of the recently jumped car running for at least 10 minutes to charge. Your owner’s manual has the recommended times and other jump-start information. 

Why Your Car Won’t Jump-Start

Sometimes performing the steps for how to properly jump-start a car won’t solve your problem. Let’s take a look at other reasons why your car won’t start: 

  1. A clicking sound when you try to start your vehicle could mean that there’s an issue with the starter. Easily schedule service online at Grappone Honda for a replacement. 
  2. When you find that the electrical systems are working, but the engine fails to turn over, that could be an issue with your ignition switch, battery, starter, or fuse. The talented team at a Honda service center can help diagnose the issue. 
  3. If you find that you have to jump-start the vehicle again, try running the vehicle for longer to ensure that the battery is fully recharged after being drained. Try taking the scenic route around Tilton after a jump. 

Get Back on the Road with Grappone Honda!

Our team at Grappone Honda is dedicated to getting you back on Bow-area roads. If you have questions about how to jump-start a car battery, don’t hesitate to contact us. Then, when your vehicle needs the attention of a professional, visit our service center and be sure to take advantage of our available service specials to save on your next visit.

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