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Leasing vs Buying

Lease Specials

Many people don’t realize how amazing leasing truly is. Leasing is quite honestly just a different way to pay for your vehicle. Leasing a new Honda in NH is a fantastic option for those who wish to have MORE car for LESS payment. When leasing a new vehicle, the manufacturer provides you with what’s called a “residual value”. This means that your lease end value is guaranteed regardless of the market conditions when your lease expires! Many people think that when you lease a new Honda, the only option is to hand over the keys and return the vehicle at the end of the lease. This is not the case! When your lease is completed, here are your options.

  • Buy the vehicle.
  • Trade the vehicle.
  • Leave the car with us.
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Leasing a new Honda in NH, is a fantastic option for those who wish to have MORE car for LESS payment.

Buy Specials

Financing your new Honda in NH is just another way of paying for your vehicle. However, you have the ability to finance with a lender or your choosing. Our guests that finance their vehicles, usually plan on driving them for a long time and finance for an average of 72 months. Our guests that purchase a new Honda in New Hampshire may not know the benefits of leasing. Our goal is to inform you, so you have a fully transparent experience when you buy or lease your new Honda at Grappone Honda near Manchester.

“We offer a hassle free process with no pressure, all the time and on every vehicle.”

A: Honda allows you to configure your lease up to 100,000/miles! We can make custom leases that adjust to your driving habits!

A: With a Honda lease, we can help you keep the car as long as you would like and on top of that; we can help you save hundreds, if not thousands in the process!

A: As much as we would like you to service with us, you are not required to service your Honda at a dealer. Just as long as you keep up with your maintenance.

A: Although leasing may not be for everyone, the good news is that when your lease expires, you still have the ability to own it outright.

A: It is not that leasing is too good to be true, it’s just what we have been doing as buyers has been wrong. Vehicle prices have increased over 300 percent in the last 15-20 years and incomes haven’t. The only thing that banks have done to make this affordable is to extend the term?guess who wins when you finance for an extended term? The banks win! Lease your new Honda at Grappone today today!

At Grappone Honda, we do things differently.


  • A sales staff who’s pay isn’t based on company profit.
  • Educational approach to finance and additional products.

  • Upfront pricing all the time, on every vehicle.
  • Transparent trade evaluation with a written guarantee.
Peace of Mind

  • 3-day money back guarantee on any vehicle purchased.
  • Free NH state inspections with us for you and your vehicle for the next 10 years.


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