Finance Rates

The rates displayed below are averages. The actual rate could be higher or lower based on the individual’s credit or manufacturer special financing availability. Please call or email for more information.

As of September 30, 2016 the year to date average standard finance rates for our guests have been:

Up to 63 months3.99%
64 to 90 months5.07%

These average standard rates were calculated based on 44.26% of our guests; 11.57% of our guests have qualified for and taken advantage of special financing starting at 0.00%, 21.70% of our guests paid cash or arranged their own financing and 22.47% of our guests leased. Please ask any team member about special financing rates and terms that may be available to you.

We use these rates as a starting point to quote payments for all of our guests. Please understand that this is just the average of all guests and your rate may be higher or lower based on your individual credit score, credit history and transaction. Your final rate is subject to bank or lending source approvals.

Please feel free to see any team member should you have any questions.